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Monthly Archives: April 2008


we’re lucky to live close to my brother in law and his family, so my kids have cousins that they get to see weekly. it is so fun to have cousins who live close!! we ate dinner at their house on sunday and had to get some updated pictures of the kiddos.

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three brothers

these boys were so excited to show me their bikes and scooters and toys. right when I got to their house, the oldest took me by the hand to show me his room and his cool boat bed. they were so much fun. i haven’t finished editing all of their pictures yet, but here are some of my favorites. aren’t they adorable? mom is french and dad is spanish.. and man oh man, will they be heartbreakers.

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caley & henry

do they come any cuter? i don’t think so. caley and henry were a blast. they were so animated and easy to get to smile and laugh.

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shelby is a beautiful little girl from my son’s preschool. her mom is an amazing children’s clothing designer, so lucky shelby is always wearing the cutest outfits. if you’re wondering what type of shoes to put on your little girl for a photo shoot, rainboots or cowgirl boots are always a fun option!

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ethan, cameron, & morgan

these boys were so energetic and just wanted to run, run, run. once in a while they would stop running and look up at me with their huge-puppy-dog-to die-for-brown eyes. they were enough to melt any mom’s heart. and baby sister already has the same gorgeous eyes and the sweetest pouty lips.

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gracie & tommy

these two were definitely not shy in front of the camera. they were so sweet together and actually wanted to hold hands in the pictures!

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miss mia

at two weeks Mia is still so sleepy and cuddly. she was a perfect baby to work with.

and the proud big sister..

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photography blog!

welcome to my blog!! i’ve been using my personal blog to share pictures from photo shoots for the last year, and my personal blog was turning into more of a photography blog. so now i have one dedicated to my photography, and i’ll blog a little about my personal life too so you can get to know me better. i hope you enjoy my new blog!


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